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Sharing his leadership insights, Rohit Sharma emphasizes the need of treating each player equally and said, “I try to go to players.”

<p>The Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, shared his insights on a number of leadership-related topics and clarified that a leader must have faith and confidence in their team members.</p>
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<p>At a Mumbai event on Friday, Rohit discussed a few important topics, including making strategic decisions on the field and handling each player’s personality off the field. He also said that he makes an effort to speak with each player one-on-one.</p>
<p>According to him, treating each person fairly is crucial for a leader in order to maintain harmony throughout the whole leadership process.</p>
<p>“Getting everyone to follow instructions is perhaps the toughest thing a leader has to accomplish. because they have a distinct perspective and are motivated to pursue their own goals. Since it’s a team sport and game, that’s what we strive to discuss with everyone when they arrive. My goal is to instill in the players a sense of autonomy and significance, emphasizing their significance to me.</p>
<p>I don’t care whether you play 10 balls at No. 6 or No. 7—you are so valuable to me that you are capable of winning games. Just giving them more self-confidence is all that’s needed. Because you need the greatest effort from all eleven of them. Everyone must contribute to the group’s goal. At a Leo1, Mastercard, and NSDL event, Rohit Sharma said.</p>
<p>“I attempt to visit each player’s room alone, strike up a conversation, and have supper. The leaders are idolized by them. There will be tension on the team if I am not accessible to them for a conversation or to spend time with them. Trying to treat everyone fairly and giving them significance is what matters most. Give them a clear understanding of their roles, the Indian captain urged.</p>
<p>It is my responsibility to intervene if they are considering being let go. I then need to work on gaining more self-assurance. It’s about instilling in them the confidence and faith that I must carry out my leader’s instructions, no matter what. I make an effort to concentrate on such things. It’s a challenging job,” he said.</p>
<p>Rohit, who has been opening the batting for India for a long now in all formats, said he enjoys being placed in tough circumstances and that the only thing that may assist in getting through tough situations is confidence.</p>
<p>“I like to be placed in circumstances and surroundings that are a little challenging. I’ve always desired constant challenge. Starting is the toughest part since you never know what will happen. You can’t get confidence from anyplace; it has to come from inside, and that’s where my pregame training begins. I have to practice the shot I want to play in the first over. To become more confident, I need to perfect that shot.”</p>
<p>Remarkably, Rohit succeeded Virat Kohli as India’s white-ball captain in December 2021 and began guiding the team in all forms from February 2022 forward.</p>
<p>The Test series between India and England is now at 1-1 at home, with Rohit leading the Indian team.</p>
<p>The hosts overcame England by 106 runs in the Vizag Test, overcoming a 0-1 deficit in the series after their loss in the first match.</p>

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