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Indie music productions: Shaping the Future of Indian Hip-Hop

Step into the world of Indiemusicproductions, guided by the creative vision of Sarkaar, also known as Darshan Singh, an 18-year-old music enthusiast with a diploma from Angels Music Academy, certified by Trinity College London. Currently pursuing a violin diploma from Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan, Sarkaar is rapidly becoming a formidable force in the dynamic landscape of Indian music.


Unveiling a Canvas of Creativity:


In a remarkably brief span, Indiemusicproductions has emerged as the preferred destination for artists seeking unparalleled music production services. With collaborations that exceed 150 clients, our claim to fame as the best music production house in India is anchored in our dedication to the hip-hop genre and our unwavering support for emerging talent within the rap community.


Our Offerings:


1. *Music Production:*

   At Indiemusicproductions, guided by Sarkaar’s expertise, our studio utilizes cutting-edge technology to transform artistic visions into captivating musical masterpieces.


2. *Rap Beats:*

   We offer a diverse range of rap beats, each meticulously crafted by Sarkaar to complement the unique style of every artist.


3. *Video Editing and Poster Making:*

   Our creative team excels in producing visually striking videos and posters that harmonize seamlessly with the essence of the music.


4. *Promotion on YouTube and Insta:*

   With a network comprising over 50 pages, we strategically amplify our artists’ music through campaigns on YouTube and Instagram, ensuring it reaches the right audience.


5. *Hiphop Page Campaign:*

   Managing more than 50 hiphop pages, Indiemusicproductions has fostered a thriving community that celebrates the richness of hip-hop culture.


Celebrating Achievements:


Our journey includes the release of our debut track, “Dehlija,” which amassed over 100k views across all platforms. This milestone underscores our commitment to creating music that resonates with audiences across the nation.




Solely owned by Sarkaar, HINDIBEATS is an extension of Indiemusicproductions. Every beat featured on the channel is a product of Sarkaar’s creative genius, making it the go-to destination for high-quality instrumental tracks. With a catalog of over 200 beats and a commitment to uploading 3 to 4 beats daily, HINDIBEATS continues to set new standards in the realm of instrumental hip-hop.




Indiemusicproductions, steered by Sarkaar’s creative prowess, has not only redefined the music production landscape in India but has done so with an unwavering commitment to elevating the Indian hip-hop scene. Join us on this remarkable journey, and let’s continue to create music that resonates with the heart of India’s vibrant hip-hop community.

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