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Kosmoderma Healthcare Clinches Best Cosmetic Dermatology Brand of the Year at IHW Digital Health Awards 2024

Bangalore, 05th March 2024 – Kosmoderma Healthcare, a pioneer in dermatology and skincare, proudly announces its recent award as the Best Cosmetic Dermatology Brand of the Year at the 3rd IHW Digital Health Awards.


Established over a decade ago, Kosmoderma has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional dermatological services, catering to over 1,00,000 individuals locally and globally. The clinic has become a statement of excellence in skincare, offering a wide variety of specialized treatments.


The core philosophy at Kosmoderma revolves around “Inspiring Confidence.” The belief that self-confidence is essential for success reflects their sincere approach to dermatology and skincare. The dedicated team at Kosmoderma strives to enhance the natural beauty of each individual, allowing their personality to radiate and empowering them to conquer the world with confidence.


Specializing in various treatments, Kosmoderma addresses a spectrum of dermatological concerns. From effective Acne & Scar treatments to cutting-edge laser hair removal, Skin Brightening, Body contouring, fillers, bridal skin treatments, hair fall solutions, and advanced Hair Transplant procedures – Kosmoderma offers comprehensive solutions under one roof.


The visionary behind Kosmoderma expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “Winning the Best Cosmetic Dermatology Brand of the Year is a tribute to our commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing top-notch skincare solutions, and this award reaffirms our position as industry leaders.”


This prestigious award from the IHW Digital Health Awards 2024 reflects Kosmoderma’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare and innovative skincare solutions. As the clinic continues to inspire confidence in its clients, it looks forward to further advancements and groundbreaking achievements in the field of dermatology.


For more information about Kosmoderma Healthcare & it’s impressive service offerings, please visit: www.kosmoderma.com

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