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Winner of Mood Indigo 2023 (IIT Bombay)

Yugaant, a formidable name in the realm of the Indian Independent Music scene, triumphed at the LiveWire 2023 Edition of Mood Indigo – IIT Mumbai’s illustrious college fest, seizing the hearts of nearly 5000 attendees with their electrifying performance. Their original set resonated with the pulsating beats and dynamic melodies, casting an enchanting spell upon the vast audience, who swayed and grooved in unison, wholly immersed in the band’s sonic journey.


This triumph at Mood Indigo was not their first taste of success in the collegiate music circuit. Having previously headlined and presided over the judging panel at IIT Kanpur’s Junoon, Yugaant’s musical prowess was already a force to be reckoned with. However, their Mumbai performance served as a testament to their consistency in setting ablaze every stage they grace with their presence.

Since their inception in early 2020, Yugaant has been a driving force, churning out a collection of original compositions across multiple genres, including Progressive Rock, Fusion, and Metal. These creations have found a home on various music platforms, offering listeners a diverse palette of sounds that mirror the band’s eclectic tastes and musical fluency.


In addition to their original works, Yugaant has curated an impressive library of song covers, paired with captivating videos showcased on YouTube. This amalgamation of talent and visual artistry has not only attracted a significant following but also amplified the band’s reach, transcending boundaries and resonating with music lovers across different spectrums.


Beyond just creating music, Yugaant aspires to be torchbearers in India’s independent music landscape. Their vision transcends conventional norms, aiming to produce story-driven songs and concept-based albums that challenge the norm and encourage introspection. Through their art, they seek to provide a platform for a wider audience to explore and express themselves, pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

The band’s musical journey has been a whirlwind of performances, weaving through the diverse tapestry of India’s cultural landscape. Their consistency in delivering awe-inspiring shows has garnered a devoted fanbase eagerly anticipating their next musical venture. This yearning from their audience serves as a testament to the band’s ability to resonate deeply with listeners and leave a lasting impact with their music.


For enthusiasts seeking a deeper connection with Yugaant and their musical odyssey, the band can be found across various social media platforms. Their dedication to refining their craft and pioneering a new wave of musical storytelling solidifies Yugaant as a driving force in India’s independent music scene.

For more information, kindly visit:- https://linktr.ee/YUGAANT

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