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Actor Pawan Chopra of “Asur 2” says that the fierce competition among OTT platforms causes content and quality compromises

<p>According to Pawan Chopra, who has been in OTT films including “Taj” and “Asur 2,” there is fierce rivalry on this platform as well. He advises caution when it comes to the initiatives that are proposed.</p>
<p>“Having worked with OTT platforms for a significant amount of time, I have seen a shift in the environment. Platforms seem to be in fierce rivalry with one another, which sometimes results in content and quality concessions. But I think the variety of parts given by the film business, not OTT, has taken me by surprise. For instance, I used to be stereotyped as an affluent businessman parent in the world of daily soaps. I only got the chance to represent a wide variety of characters in series like “Crime Patrol,” which was quite successful. If one is an accomplished actor, they may succeed in any role. It’s funny to make fun of the fact that Taj made a reference to portraying a father figure, but this just serves to emphasise the industry’s propensity for typecasting, according to the author.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-35577″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/www.theindiaprint.com-download-2023-06-22t215212.789.jpg” alt=”” width=”1004″ height=”1004″ /></p>
<p>Speaking of “Asur 2” and “Taj,” he comments, “When we were filming ‘Asur 2,’ we had no doubt that it would be well-received by the public, mostly because of the great directing of Oni Sen. Despite difficulties including lengthy interruptions brought on by date conflicts and the COVID-19 outbreak, Oni Sen expertly oversaw every artist engaged in the development. After wrapping up filming in January 2022, the second season’s release was postponed by three years, yet it still maintains a devoted following. I found it difficult to play a character who is both a boss and a father figure since it required a careful mix of naturalness without coming across as gimmicky. It is simply astounding how much ‘Asur 2’ has attracted in terms of affection and support.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-35576″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/www.theindiaprint.com-images-55-2.jpg” alt=”” width=”1108″ height=”1384″ /></p>
<p>“Taj,” he continues, “is producer Abhimanyu’s work of love. He didn’t miss an opportunity to put on a spectacular performance. Zed 5 has also never produced a concert this size, so I’m thrilled that people have enjoyed it so much. ‘Taj 3’ is going to be spectacular, I can already tell.”<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-35575″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/www.theindiaprint.com-images-56-2.jpg” alt=”” width=”791″ height=”1193″ /></p>
<p>Speaking about his roles in both, he adds, “I got the chance to repeat this character from the series Siyaasat on Epic Channel, where I played him ten years ago, in the part of Ghiyas Beg, Noor Jahan’s father. The core of the character is his steadfast loyalty to King Akbar and his intense love for his favourite, Noor Jahan. The character’s growth in the last four episodes was especially enjoyable since it took an unexpected turn and revealed that the character will play a much bigger part in “Taj 3.” The objective with “Asur 2” was to improve on the character’s representation in “Asur 1”. I tried to act maturely and restrainedly this season, showing tremendous care and concern for my teammates who had suffered personal losses. I had to treat them gingerly, with a fragile ‘handle with care’ attitude, since I was their employer.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-35574″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/www.theindiaprint.com-images-57-2.jpg” alt=”” width=”991″ height=”1400″ /></p>
<p>He continues, “‘Taj’ was an exceedingly demanding costume play, involving careful attention to details like beards, costumes, headgear, and sticking to Mughalia etiquettes and language. Preparing for both parts was tough but a fantastic adventure. A costume drama of such scope is difficult to produce, and I think only Contilloe in India has the resources to do it, due to their huge studio facilities in Umbergaon. I read the screenplay many times to get to know the character since I had previously done a lot of historical study and was well aware of it before shooting. Asur 2 operated in a different manner. On the set, our director Oni would give us a thorough breakdown of the sequences from beginning to end, and we would then perform in accordance with his instructions. He would keep tweaking our performances until he got the right outcome. My only regret is that I felt I wasn’t really qualified for the position since I had to pick up where “Asur 1” left off. We desperately hoped that the COVID-19 outbreak wouldn’t further impede the production of “Asur 2” while it was being filmed. Unfortunately, I got COVID-19 myself and had to stop shooting while I took care of myself. It was fun working with Arshad since he kept us all interested in his tales. The atmosphere on set was tight, intense, and dedicated to serious work, reflecting the nature of the programme. It resembled a hospital.</p>
<p>When asked what he enjoys watching on OTT, he responds, “Personally, I like thrillers, a lot of drama; that’s the kind of role I want to play on the big screen.” He has played the role of Badass Lawyer Shekawat in “Sanak Ek Junoon” Mx Player.</p>

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