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Mahendra Nath Pandey: PLI Scheme to Boost Auto Component Manufacturing Significantly

The adoption of the PLI (production-linked incentive) plan, according to Heavy Industries Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey, would significantly increase the production of car parts like automatic brakes and sunroofs.

He continued by saying that parts for things like sunroofs, automated brakes, pollution warning systems, and tyre pressure monitoring systems are imported into the country.

But he said that the implementation of the PLI system will greatly increase the production of these components.

The minister said that 34 crore liters of gasoline and fuel were also saved as a result of the use of electric vehicles (EVs), which helped reduce carbon emissions to 13,98,184 kg per day.

Pandey continued by saying that Rs 800 crore has been approved for the government to partner with three OMCs to build 7,432 EV charging stations at gas stations along roads.



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