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I auditioned for the role, so it wasn't about being chosen, Ishaan Khatter says of his Hollywood debut

Ishaan Khatter has worked on films and online ventures in India, but he is now looking to branch out into Hollywood. With The Perfect Couple, an official version of author Elin Hilderbrand's eponymous book of the same name, the actor makes his worldwide OTT debut.
“I'm appreciative of the chance and eager to investigate any worthwhile employment that comes my way. With the globe becoming smaller, it's undoubtedly a special moment for creative and cultural fusion, and I can't wait for people to see what's next, adds Khatter, who will appear in the series with Nicole Kidman, Liev Schreiber, and Dakota Fanning.
The plot centres on Kidman, who portrays a mother whose plans for her son's wedding are interrupted by a murder. Khatter will appear as the best buddy of the groom.
The 27-year-old, who is describing how he won the assignment, continues, “It was definitely not up for selecting! I participated in the whole procedure, including the audition. Additionally, I don't believe there is enough data available to categorise it as traditional or not yet.
The actor believes his role in the series will help dispel prejudices about Indians in the West. He is now working filming the project. “Layered depiction is crucial to lessen stereotyping, but it's not only the writer's or creator's obligation; an actor who chooses to portray the written material also bears some of the blame. For my part, reading the passage in The Perfect Couple was a nice surprise, he says.
He goes on to say that the part is challenging him as a performer as well. “I've always wanted to use my characters to explore who I am while (hopefully) giving them life. It is mutually beneficial. As a performer and a professional, this role allows me to explore a very different aspect of myself, the actor, who broke into the business with Majid Majidi's Beyond the Clouds, adds.
Khatter, who has worked on films like Dhadak (2018), A Suitable Boy (2020), and Phone Bhoot (2022), is thrilled to be starring alongside well-known Hollywood actors. He exclaims excitedly when asked about the experience, “It feels terrific, it's always good to play with an interesting cast, and it's keeping me on my toes in the greatest manner. I'm also extremely happy to be working with a director as confident and inventive as Susanne Bier. They are unquestionably highly skilled and experienced artists on the show, both in the cast and behind the scenes.

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