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About 400 new employees will be hired by Colliers India this year to strengthen its real estate advisory services

Colliers India, a real estate consulting firm, said that as part of its expansion plan, it would recruit 400 new staff this year, expand into additional tier II cities, and provide new services.

3,000 people work for Colliers India at the moment.

The firm said in a statement that “Colliers India is now one of the top three largest Colliers businesses in the Asia Pacific region.”

The Colliers global leadership visited India earlier this week, headed by Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate Services Global Chris McLernon and Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific John Kenny.

According to Colliers India, the visit demonstrates their confidence in India's development and potential.

“This year, we want to hire 350–400 more workers. The chairman and managing director of Colliers India, Sankey Prasad, said that the company employed more than 1,000 people in 2022 and has ambitions to increase its workforce by 15% in 2023.

We are also looking at expanding into other Tier 2 areas and adding technology as a service line, he said.

After the devastating effects of the COVID epidemic, the real estate industry, particularly the housing and retail mall sectors, has rebounded substantially in the previous two years.

Following Colliers' purchase of a majority stake in Synergy, Prasad joined Colliers India as Managing Director in September 2019.

In India, Synergy and Colliers, who provide project management services, have amalgamated.

Sankey is essential to Colliers' expansion plan in India, which aims to increase size and scale. This means hiring more people to better serve clients; this has been a priority for the team in India, where we have recently more than quadrupled the size of our brokerage operation. We are now aiming to do the same in the other lines, added Kenny.

According to Prasad, Colliers India has seen rapid growth over the last three years.

“We have added micro-specializations like data centers and ESG services, in addition to our profitable service lines like capital markets, investment services, and project management,” he stated.

Prasad said that Colliers India has made progress in a number of secondary markets, including Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Indore, and Jaipur.

With 18,000 resourceful employees, global real estate consultancy Colliers is present in 66 countries.

It manages 98 billion USD in assets and generates 4.5 billion USD in yearly income.

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