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'Unlucky in love' declares, 'My love tales will go with me to the cemetery, Salman

Salman Khan, a celebrity in Bollywood, has acknowledged that he has been “unlucky in love,” most likely as a result of his own shortcomings.
If he planned to write an autobiography about his relationships, he said on the chat show “Aap ki Adalat”: “My love stories will go with me to the grave.”
He said, “Jab aisa koi aayegi, toh ho jayega, Sir (when someone will come, it will happen)” when asked when he plans to get married. Actually, I'm to blame—all of my previous girlfriends were excellent. Sabhi achhe hain. When the first person left, it might have been her fault; when the second and third person left, it might have been their fault; but with the fourth person, I'm not sure if it was their fault or mine.
The ratio may have been 60:40 in the sixth scenario. But when more were still there, it became clear that I was to blame. They were all faultless. Only I am at blame. Most likely a feeling of anxiety that I would be unable to provide them happiness in life. Wherever they are, I have no doubt they are all content.
The host again enquired, “The whole world wants to know when you will marry.”
When God Almighty wills it, Sir, Jab Ooper Walah Chahega, Salman retorted. Marriage requires the presence of two people. Marriage did not take place in the first instance. Someone disagreed with my yes when I stated it. I refused to say yes when someone did. Now both sides are saying “no.” The marriage will take place after both parties agree to it. Still, there is time. I am 57. This time, I want it to be the last and the first. In Matlab, everything is possible.
How many kids does he want, exactly?
As many as you can, Salman responded. Many. I can play with them for 20–25 years if I have one and another in 5–6 years. This is referred to as commitment, reliability, and perseverance.

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